Friday, July 19, 2013

Rainbow Beetle Paper Model - by Y.Watanabe / Canon

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The Paper Thing...

 photo realrainbowbeet_zps5d480752.jpg
...and the Real Thing
Rainbow beetles are found in Australian and New Guinean tropical rainforests. Male rainbow beetles are 36.8-70.0 mm in length; females measure 25.5-36.4 mm. Two red bands mark the body, and body colors can change, depending on the type of lighting. These beetles are believed to keep body temperatures in check by reflecting sunlight. The beetle's large jaws are black; in male beetles, the jaws are slightly bent, with two points. The beetle's larval stage lasts 6 to 8 months and its adult stage 1-2 years. Rainbow beetles are a protected species in Australia. - Canon

Os Besouros Arco-Íris são encontrados nas florestas tropicais da Austrália e da nova Guiné. O macho mede por volta de 37 a 70 mm e a f~emea de 26 a 37 mm. suas cores mudam conforme a luz, por isso seu nome. Acredita-se que eles regulam a temperatura do corpo refletindo a luz do sol. Os Besouros Arco-Íris são espécies em extinção e protegidas na Austrália. - Canon

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